*gasps* A new post.

Welcome back to my blog! I’ve been deep into the study- and-KDrama-watching cave (If you follow me on Twitter, you should know that I’m basically obsessed with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Sorry to all of those who find it a bit lacking? I don’t! *is hopelessly in love with Park Bo Gum*). So that’s why I have not been here… since JULY. I’m here to basically procrastinate before studying for my statistics exam! On the bright side, you get to read about me…! I don’t think that is truly a bright side… but still… It’s so good you’re here!

PS. I’m aware there was a new post alert during the past week… I posted something by mistake and deleted it quite quickly 🙂  

You might be wondering (probably not): What has Nat been up to these days?

The answer is… about everything and nothing all at once. I might have to divide this post in sub posts… If I don’t this might get messy. 🙂

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I took my PCAT.

(I did tell you I was going to try to be an adult these months… I am turning 21 this November, you know) Remember how I said I would study a lot? And exercise a lot?

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And you probably reacted like this?

I only got to General Chemistry and worked from there. But my results were quite good! So I still haven’t lost my touch. (Except for Math.)

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I should have written a post after taking the PCAT. It was honestly an experience. At first we couldn’t reach the place because our GPS wasn’t working. We got there 15 minutes before my friend’s testing window began. I had 15 more minutes to prepare… and then it was my turn. (We shall NOT talk about the picture they took of me. It was honestly awful).

Those next four hours are now pretty much a blur… but I remember being so anxious because I was running out of time at so many of the sections! TWO of the lectures on my Critical Reading section had to do with literature. That was nice, especially as they had to do with culture and what could be considered as a national literature. I was honestly so interested on that topic!

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I basically smiled like this. The proctor must have been quite worried about my mental sanity.

And then Math arrived. Those were pretty much the worst 45 minutes of my life… only overran by my first Pre-calculus 2 test on my freshman year. Oh, boy, was that a disaster. Although I could have done a bit worse? I have no idea.

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My friend and I went to eat afterwards… and then arrived to a mass/baptism/wedding. -At first I thought it would be so long and I was so tired already…! But my romantic side came out quite quickly, the wedding was so cute, and seeing them be so excited about marrying? That made me so happy, even if I had no idea who they were. -We then got to my friend’s home and watched movies and Coffee Prince. It was nice. (And I cried with one of those movies. María, I know you’re reading this. I still hate you. :D)

So I’m now working on my application. (oh, well… I started it today. Happy?) I still have to ask two of my professors for letters of reference… and that scares me to no end. I mean, who should I ask? I don’t think any of my professors likes me enough to make a nice one for me. I’ll try, though. Maybe one of them can surprise me. I also have to write an essay! I need to see if my writing skills are up to par with what they are asking for! 🙂

Blackouts and funerals

There was this huge blackout in Puerto Rico. You MUST have heard about it on the news (or at least seen it somehow online?) It lasted about 2 days and a half and people either played Pokémon Go on the streets or watched the stars. They looked amazing! There are beautiful pictures people posted online because there wasn’t any light pollution. I basically used my family’s flashlight to reread The Assassin’s Blade and rest. (I had not rested at all during the PCAT weekend. I was exhausted).

The day after it started, I got the news: My aunt (she was my deceased aunt’s twin sister) had died that morning, and I hadn’t found out because we were all out of battery. So my dad called from Texas, and both my grandma and my aunt’s sister arrived at the same time. That was when I realized something was wrong. I literally started shaking, and my mom couldn’t stop crying. I think that moment will be stuck in my mind for the rest of my life… especially as it was only 4 days since my grandma’s death anniversary. My dad came home for a week, then, after I booked his tickets. It was nice, since he’ll come back again this Christmas. I mean, the circumstances were rough but there was a bright side to all of this.

Stray thoughts…

So… basically, some things have changed, but a lot has stayed the same. I’m taking six classes this semester. (Please remind me of WHY I took this decision?) Some of them are easy, some of them are harder, but all of them take too much time from my hands! Time I could be using for blogging… (Who am I kidding? I would use it to be online, watching TV shows or reading.

I’m also still quite excited about my Instax camera! It feels like I’m creating these tangible memories when I take those pictures. I’m planning on decorating one of the walls of my room and fill it with instant photos. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see if I follow through with that promise. 🙂

So here I am… listening to the Descendants of the Sun soundtrack and simply writing to procrastinate. I might have some more things to say quite soon, so please come back and check if I have posted my latest rant.

*signs off with a Park Bo Gum gif*

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“I’m Alive!”-Sia

*runs towards all of you, screaming “I am NOT GONE yet!”*

Hello! Long time, no see… (Since Valentine’s Day! Whoa…) *wonders if people are still interested in my posts*

This semester was draining… but good results came from it, so that’s great! *smiles at my brand new GPA*

Summer has now arrived (finally, after finals were postponed a week because of my uni’s strike…*), and with it a sense of happiness and peace I hadn’t felt since forever. Incredibly, I have not finished any books (apart from one I read during finals but that one didn’t count), so if you have any suggestions as to what in the world I can do to get rid of this horrible reading slump, they are mostly welcome. A little more than a month ago I tweeted a poll (see below)

and I still have to keep my word. I’ll keep you posted on if I like Lady Midnight. I’ve been trying to listen to the audiobook… (trying being the main word. Perhaps it will work when I start working out this summer? Only time will tell)

Since I can’t read much because of the slump, I’ve been watching Korean dramas. My mother basically passed on her addiction to me. I’ve been also watching Les Interprètes, a Chinese drama, which is SO GOOD (and extremely addicting, so please do NOT do as I did and watch it slowly. Do not binge on 14 episodes in one day. It’s not healthy and you’ll run out of episodes soon.) I did not think I would enjoy something like this so much, but I love how it involves both languages in such a natural way!

A lot of things have also happened. My dad came here for 2 weeks… during which I was on my finals so I did not get to spend as much time as I wanted with him (boo…) BUT he did promise he would try to come here more often. I was not able to go to my brother’s graduation (Thanks, Developmental biology) BUT I did get a good grade on the class so it was (kind of) worth it.

In other words, I’m free, like Dobby (for the next 2 months, anyway), even though I plan on studying for the PCAT. *crosses fingers* I also have other plans for this summer… I hope I can do it all… (And keep this blog more updated, hopefully.)

*I guess that would have been a good topic for a blog post… but I did tweet about a lot of my thoughts… xD

P.S. Do you all like my new blog layout? I’m trying some things out. 🙂



A much needed update

My last post was a month ago… so I really shouldn’t need to say that I had to skip the remainder of the weeks on Writing101 (I’m sorry, I really am. I was having so much fun!). Then again, things happened. (this post will explain) So many things did, and I had to take some time to just stop and think about how things are going to work now that my grandma has been gone for almost a month, and that my dad is working at Texas. (I miss him like crazy…it’s his birthday tomorrow, the first one where we won’t be together. It’s been two whole weeks.)

I’ve been through an adaptation period, so I might have been really cranky. Posting things during this past month would have meant angry posting -especially about my Physics lab. Ugh-  And that’s definitely not okay! My blog is my positive haven. My Twitter? Entirely a different thing. Some other, positive things have happened:

^^ I had really negative expectations about my Physics class… but I’m happy. My professor is seriously crazy, but he’s really passionate about this whole thing. (Kind of awkward, too, but that’s expected. I really like him.)

Well, this is it. A short one, But I owed it to you all.

P.S: I also owe you a picture of my new haircut, but I really must go and study.:D

xoxo, Nat

An update… and a promise.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ran out of thoughts and feelings to share with you all. I know this is definitely not true, but I feel like I am repeating myself over and over. That’s one of the many reasons I haven’t blogged a lot during the last 2 –or more- months. I’ve probably reached somewhat of a writing slump, and I found myself just writing about my life, and that wasn’t very interesting. Besides, I started doing it like it was a chore. I didn’t want to feel like that. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on this. Blogging is one of my favorite pastimes.

Science, Books and Silly Things is one of the things I love doing the most. *hugs you all*


Some news I want to share:

  • My blog will be one year old in less than a month. I’m hoping to have the time to do something special. If you want to help or have some ideas, please comment/email/Tweet me. I would appreciate it a lot.
  • I’m starting my junior (!!!!!) year this Tuesday. My college years have gone so fast! I can’t believe I only have 2 years left of my bachelor’s degree… These have been some of the best years of my life, and I think the best is yet to come. I believe this could be a great year academically speaking, if I work on my organization skills. *grins*. I made a tentative study schedule. If I keep it up, this year might work out. I’m about to take Physics (wish me luck!!)…… and Human Genetics. I’m actually really excited about the last one, but terrified about Physics. May the Doctor be with me. HA!
  • This year I am going to actively participate in my college associations’ activities. I also hope to blog about them! ❤

I solemly swear I’ll blog more during the semester. I might be able to work it out on my schedule. (Need to schedule some posts these next 3-4 days just to be sure!)

I hope to hear back from all of you. 🙂

Don’t mind me, I was just imagining dragons last night.

*logs into WordPress after 3 weeks of inactivity, hiding*

Well hello, everyone, if there’s any people still watching for my posts. *looks around*

I guess it’s time for an update, right? Sorry for not posting anything (even quotes), in a while. I had even signed myself up for the Writing 101 course but wasn’t able to follow it. This past month has been quite stressful. (And finals are coming in a month. That is scary.)

So, you came here for a (fun) blog post, right? I went to the Imagine Dragons concert yesterday with my best friend and it was amazing. It could be considered one of the highlights of the year for me. I was really tired as I had gone to Uni to give a presentation and take a class, but it was so worth it. Dan Reynolds’ voice is something else. I am so happy I was able to go… even if we arrived home at 1am and my brother had a standardized test today. (Selfish, I know.)

I arrived at the train station 2 hours before the concert was about to start, which is reasonable… and I got in the train, without really knowing where I was getting off. Yep. I could have called anyone and I didn’t, oh well. So… as you could have guessed, I missed my stop. When I saw the Choliseo while I was staring outside my window, this was my (mental) reaction:

To the people that aren’t mind readers, this was me, especially after the station announced that it would be out of service as soon as the train arrived:

Resultado de imagen para internally screaming gif

I soon realized the same thing had happened to the people around me, and then one of the employees approached us, telling us we could aboard the other train, and we could get in time for the concert. For us, at least, it felt like this:

They were fun people, at least, so we spent the next fifteen minutes or so joking about how we couldn’t travel to Paris if we couldn’t even get to the Choliseo the right way. Then we got to the right station, and I never saw them again. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

In case you’re wondering, this is the Choliseo.

I got there with an hour or so to spare, and I had to wait for my friend, so I walked around… met a Twitter friend, and sat down, all the while there was a truck playing Imagine Dragons songs. That certainly made the waiting  more bearable.


Around half an hour before the concert was going to start, my friend finally arrived. And we bought matching T-shirts.

The rest is history, and it is recorded in the hundreds (or even thousands) of tweets and pictures that were sent during the concert.


If you have the option to go to one of their concerts, do it. You most definitely will NOT regret it.

“Books are easily destroyed. But words will live as long as people can remember them.”

-Tahereh Mafi

First of all, sorry for not posting the quote as early as I would like…

I love this one. Words have power, and people have to realize that. 🙂

Happy Friday!


(My school week actually ends on Thursdays but I still love Fridays!)

Okay, So… this weekend is actually full of school work for me (I have a huge exam on Friday, and a make-up exam on the 17th, so I must be ready!) I won’t be able to do much but study, but that’s okay. I’ll try to be there for the #SaveAlice livestream… but I won’t make any promises! 🙂

**Sidenote: You can donate to save Classic Alice HERE.

Anyhow, I am positive everything will be fine, as long as I don’t wander around the online universe (like I’m doing right now) to avoid my Organic Chemistry class *hides with shame*. I am doing my worksheet as best as I can… but it’s kind of exhausting. “Chemistry is fun”, they said, “you will love it”, they said… (I actually do love it. It just takes a lot of time!)

This was really short, I know, but I need to go and work. Hope you understand.



However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.

-Stephen Hawking
First of all, sorry for posting it a bit later than the usual! I didn’t have any internet at all last night, and I didn’t have time while I was at uni 🙂
Anyhow, I thought this quote would make you feel better about everything that happens in your life. I mean, it’s true. You are good at something, everyone is. Everyone has that special talent. You just have to find it, and use it for your good, and others’. 🙂
Now, time for me to retreat to my lab notebook…! See you all later! ❤

Quick Update: Exams, Exhaustion and Other Things.

Hello, people. Nat here.

This week has been stressful, just like the past two (I haven’t been able to post much… sorry!). I have an Organic Chem test tomorrow, and my grandmother had surgery on Monday. Anyhow, she is better now, but we spent like five hours at the hospital. My grandma will probably be discharged anytime soon. We can’t wait to be free from all this…! These past 3 months have been brutal…! I am still exhausted, and definitely sick. My throat hurts a lot!

Have you ever been so exhausted you actually cried from all the emotional things that have happened at the same time? I actually cried after my dad told me he wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s Monday night. That’s an extreme, people. I had reached my peak of emotional stress for the day and that night I just… Cried. Not for the missing McDonald’s meal… (I hope!!)

On the bright side, I did my lab yesterday, and my professor actually thought I did well. She couldn’t believe it. The approving look in her eyes was beautiful. Guys, this is the first time I achieve something like this!! 🙂

I hope to be able to post happier (and longer) things in a while. xD I owe you, guys. 🙂


Nat x

Merry Christmas!

Hello, guys! Merry Christmas!

I hope your holidays have been great and that you’re enjoying your gifts!

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog much (or at all). My family’s schedule has been hectic the last week. A lot has happened, we’re still doing the novenary (9 days of rosaries after a person’s burial). It has basically been a chain reaction after my aunt’s death, but we’re pulling through. I’m sure we’ll do fine in no time!

Today was nice, though. I sat with my cousin and rewatched Sherlock episodes (this is my dream holiday xD). I’ll probably watch the DW Christmas special tonight or tomorrow, depends on how addicted I get to Pottermore. (Add me! I’m FelicisSeeker123)

P.S. I have a book post scheduled for the 30th 27th and I’ll be sure to blog a bit more than I have done before.

Until next time,

Nat 🙂