A Year Ago…

I cannot believe it, people. My blog is officially a year old!

Actual Proof
Actual Proof

When I published my first post, I did not expect to stay. You see, I’m not very consistent with what I do. A year ago, I was nervous about my Organic Chemistry class, I did not know if I would pass… yet I did. So many things have happened since then, and some are still the same. This past year I learned so much about me, about my life, and how I’m living it. I still have so much to learn, to do, and to reflect on. Science, Books and Silly Things is here to STAY.

I’ve met so many amazing people; some have been here from the start, others have joined along the way. Thanks to them and their advice, I’ve done and realized things I would never have even considered without them. (You guys know who you are! *hugs*) I’m so glad I surrendered to the pressure and started this blog. (Even if sometimes I spend weeks and even months without updating, I am here and will probably won’t leave in a long time).

If anyone feels they need to organize their thoughts and their life, my immediate advice is to start a diary or a blog. To share your thoughts online might seem like a dangerous feat… I was afraid at first. But the great thing about it is that people can and will share theirs back. That’s one of the best ways to learn and to look at things from other people’s points of view.

I’ve blogged about college, friends, about my family and about books… My blog is a mess, but it’s a mess I’m proud of. I’m really happy about how it has all turned out. I can’t wait to keep sharing these little snippets of my thoughts, life and dreams with you all. This blog (and you, my few but faithful followers) are some of the things I’m most thankful for. As I’m slowly maturing and venturing into *shudders* adulthood, it’s nice to know I’ll have people to share everything with. Thank you for following. It has been a ride, and it is definitely NOT over yet!


Nat x


First week…!

First week of my junior year is over, and it was kind of strange for me, because I still don’t feel like I’m immersed in my work. This will probably change next week when I –hopefully- take my first Physics class.

Tuesday was my first day and I took my History class. My professor is kind of crazy, but I could tell she knows what she’s doing, even though it was just an introduction. I know I’ll learn a lot about my country and why we’re in our actual situation. After that, I was supposed to take my Physics class, but my professor never showed up. It was kind of frustrating, since I wanted to know how everything would work. We waited outside the classroom for about an hour and a half. Since that was my last class of the day, I waited for my parents to pick me up.

Wednesday was better in a way, as I finally took my Genetics class. I’m really nervous about it… as my professor’s really exigent with classwork, and I want to do as best as I can. I’m still exploring my options, you know, and I want to be on my professor’s good side! Next up was my Humanities class. Nothing much happened there, but I’m sure I don’t have to worry about that class. Last but not least, I took my Anthropology class. I already knew that professor so I’m not worried about it, even if it’s not the same dynamic.

Yesterday we waited a bit for the Physics professor we had chosen, he arrived, and then told us he would not teach our section. I knew he didn’t want to, but I did not realize at what extent he would go to exchange us with another professor. We were furious, but no one did anything about it, but wait for the other professor who (surprise, surprise) never showed up. So we’re one week late on our work and I have no idea how we’ll catch up. I’m thanking my lucky stars that I’ll take my introductory lab next week, so I don’t think I’ll be affected for long. *crosses fingers*

What’s next? Signing up for a couple of student associations, like I said in my last post, and do my best. That means actually sticking with my study schedule. I need to see where I put it. Wish me luck!



An update… and a promise.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ran out of thoughts and feelings to share with you all. I know this is definitely not true, but I feel like I am repeating myself over and over. That’s one of the many reasons I haven’t blogged a lot during the last 2 –or more- months. I’ve probably reached somewhat of a writing slump, and I found myself just writing about my life, and that wasn’t very interesting. Besides, I started doing it like it was a chore. I didn’t want to feel like that. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on this. Blogging is one of my favorite pastimes.

Science, Books and Silly Things is one of the things I love doing the most. *hugs you all*


Some news I want to share:

  • My blog will be one year old in less than a month. I’m hoping to have the time to do something special. If you want to help or have some ideas, please comment/email/Tweet me. I would appreciate it a lot.
  • I’m starting my junior (!!!!!) year this Tuesday. My college years have gone so fast! I can’t believe I only have 2 years left of my bachelor’s degree… These have been some of the best years of my life, and I think the best is yet to come. I believe this could be a great year academically speaking, if I work on my organization skills. *grins*. I made a tentative study schedule. If I keep it up, this year might work out. I’m about to take Physics (wish me luck!!)…… and Human Genetics. I’m actually really excited about the last one, but terrified about Physics. May the Doctor be with me. HA!
  • This year I am going to actively participate in my college associations’ activities. I also hope to blog about them! ❤

I solemly swear I’ll blog more during the semester. I might be able to work it out on my schedule. (Need to schedule some posts these next 3-4 days just to be sure!)

I hope to hear back from all of you. 🙂