I’m DONE with college! (for a week)

Summer is here!!

(At least for my classmates.) I am going to take a summer class (Immunology, I’m so excited!) in about a week, but I’m planning on enjoying my freedom until then.

I finished my sophomore year yesterday, which basically means I am halfway done with my bachelor’s degree. I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for two years now. It feels like my high school graduation was just yesterday! A lot happened during this year, and some things are still happening, but everything is falling into place somehow.

Yesterday was particularly good for me. Remember how I said one of my birthday resolutions was to get my GPA up? I’m on it! I still have a long way to go, but I am doing great. You should have seen my happy dance when I saw my chemistry grade.

*whispers* I am done with Organic Chemistry, and I do not have to repeat it! I am basically bursting with happiness, as it is one of the most important prerequisites to become a pharmacist, which is my current goal.

I must admit, that class was hard as hell, but I learned a lot, and I do not regret taking it with that particular professor. Even if she’s the most demanding one, she supported me until the end. Even my lab went great…! (I thought it would be hell, as I thought my lab professor hated me. I guess she realized I was doing my best :3) I’m also done with Human Biology. I will actually miss that class, even if it was demanding. I learned lots about the human body and how it works. It made me realize I’m on the right track!

Next year, I’ll be sure to slay Physics… ooh, and Human Genetics! Let’s hope it goes as nicely as it this one went. And that it is way more quiet… in a good way.

Well, this week I plan on binge watching Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time… before I go back to the classroom next Tuesday. I plan on blogging way more now that I have more time. 😉


Happy Friday!


(My school week actually ends on Thursdays but I still love Fridays!)

Okay, So… this weekend is actually full of school work for me (I have a huge exam on Friday, and a make-up exam on the 17th, so I must be ready!) I won’t be able to do much but study, but that’s okay. I’ll try to be there for the #SaveAlice livestream… but I won’t make any promises! 🙂

**Sidenote: You can donate to save Classic Alice HERE.

Anyhow, I am positive everything will be fine, as long as I don’t wander around the online universe (like I’m doing right now) to avoid my Organic Chemistry class *hides with shame*. I am doing my worksheet as best as I can… but it’s kind of exhausting. “Chemistry is fun”, they said, “you will love it”, they said… (I actually do love it. It just takes a lot of time!)

This was really short, I know, but I need to go and work. Hope you understand.



Quick Update: Exams, Exhaustion and Other Things.

Hello, people. Nat here.

This week has been stressful, just like the past two (I haven’t been able to post much… sorry!). I have an Organic Chem test tomorrow, and my grandmother had surgery on Monday. Anyhow, she is better now, but we spent like five hours at the hospital. My grandma will probably be discharged anytime soon. We can’t wait to be free from all this…! These past 3 months have been brutal…! I am still exhausted, and definitely sick. My throat hurts a lot!

Have you ever been so exhausted you actually cried from all the emotional things that have happened at the same time? I actually cried after my dad told me he wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s Monday night. That’s an extreme, people. I had reached my peak of emotional stress for the day and that night I just… Cried. Not for the missing McDonald’s meal… (I hope!!)

On the bright side, I did my lab yesterday, and my professor actually thought I did well. She couldn’t believe it. The approving look in her eyes was beautiful. Guys, this is the first time I achieve something like this!! 🙂

I hope to be able to post happier (and longer) things in a while. xD I owe you, guys. 🙂


Nat x

Quick update!

First of all, sorry about not blogging this week. I was having this awful cold, and was a little stressed. You see, I got my grades!

** if I were a vlogger, I would insert my opening here** 😀

If you have followed my blog for the past few weeks, you know that I had an Organic Chem exam last Friday. I got my grade yesterday, and it was surprisingly good! Especially if you saw the awful graphs the professor showed us before giving us the exam. Seriously, they were depressing. When I got my test, I was about to jump from happiness then and there. The other professors were also complaining about our performance in that test. I personally think it wasn’t that hard. I knew which answers I had gotten wrong.

I also had a Social Sciences test two weeks ago and I got my grade yesterday, but that really doesn’t count, does it? I don’t really have enough space to think in that class. (I made a decision about that. I’m going to be thankful to have time for my other classes) By the way, it was a good grade. I just don’t feel like celebrating for nothing.

In other news, I am in process of applying for summer internships and looking for professors that are kind (and possibly crazy) enough to give me some recommendation letters. I scored one last Wednesday! (Now I have some more to go. Possibly my current Biology lab professor… *thinks deeply*

P.S. I’m so sorry. I know I only blog about college and how it’s working for me. I just need a release from everything! I shall think about other topics… Soon! I promise! 😀

stress stress STRESS.

As I get closer to my first Organic Chemistry exam -this Friday-, I’m realizing I am in no way ready for what it is about to come.

I have been reading the PPTs, watched some videos (from Khan Academy. They are GOOD) and started reading the book. I still do not feel ready. I guess I never will, not even an hour before the exam, but I don’t know how to handle this many stress. I usually just stop doing whatever I’m doing and start reading -which helps, until I realize I am procrastinating, and therefore wasting precious time I won’t get back-.

I know stress is a normal part of life, but this class is affecting me a little more than usual.

I still have to do the exercises I was assigned, but I do not know if I will do them right. I mean, I trust my instincts and I know I will not fail, but this class is scaring me a little.

If you have some tips for studying Chemistry, I’ll appreciate them a lot.

Thanks for listening.