Silent End: My First (And probably last) attempt at Poetry.

Hello! I wrote this for an English assignment last semester, and I thought I could share it with you. It’s not good, I’m aware. Poetry is not my forte…! 😀 But still… I wrote it, and it’s related to my biggest fear: being alone. My classmates had some other interpretations…

Your heart is racing

Your muscles are tingling

But you just can’t run away

You’re paralyzed.

Your breaths are shallow

Your mouth is dry

No words can fall out of your mouth

You are just standing there

Your life is about to end

Yet your mind cannot work its way out

No last words

No one to hear them, anyway.

You’re alone

In the end of the world

Your biggest fear

Right in front of you.

Your time is almost done

There is no one left to hear you

So you just stay silent

Waiting for the nightmare to begin.


14 thoughts on “Silent End: My First (And probably last) attempt at Poetry.

  1. I like the stereo effect of text coming at the reader from the left and the right. It makes it a bit more jarring, in line with the poetic subject matter.

    It makes me think that although the subject is alone, there are two different ‘things’ with them, whispering this in the subjects ears.

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