Lord of the Rings… and other things. :)

If you have followed me on Twitter, you might have noticed I have been watching and livetweeting the Lord of the Rings movies. (It’s my first time, so I guess I should make it a big deal! XD) I even have a hashtag! 😀 (#NatWatchesLoTR)

(I blame peer pressure. *coughs* Pat *coughs*)

I just finished watching The Two Towers, and I have liked it a lot. I liked the characters, I liked how some parts were actually funnier than I would think, and I also liked how it is not predictable. Of course, Tumblr had already spoiled some parts for me, but I still got excited!

I love how these movies actually have a message for people. How, even all these years later there are still people that watch them, and love them, and return to them whenever they can. Middle Earth is beautiful.

As I’m writing this post, I’m watching The Return of the King, and I am loving it.

The movies are so long, though!! (Actually, that was my main reason for not watching them.) Thing is, I could not judge people for not watching Harry Potter after saying I hadn’t watched The Lord of The Rings. (And that’s one of my favorite things… Kidding!)  It was just not right, and my friends were going crazy. When I told them I would watch them, they almost didn’t believe me. So yeah. I started watching them. Winter break was the perfect chance! You should have seen some of their reactions. They were hilarious!

I still have to read the books, which will most certainly take a while. I still want to do so much before the 21st arrives! (At least I want to finish reading The Darkest Minds)

I have also been really excited about Blogging 101. I love meeting other bloggers and reading their posts. I hope that I get better soon. 🙂




15 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings… and other things. :)

  1. I fell in love with those movies when they came out and my housemate and I would watch them on the weekends. We watched them so much that I’m not sure I’ll ever watch them again. And yes, they are SO long! X


  2. I fell in love with the Lord of the Rings when I was 10 and now I have got my boyfriend hooked on them. So glad you liked them!!


  3. Lord of the Rings required people from many different disciplines doing the very best they could possibly do. The costumes were amazing, the scenery was even better, the acting was inspired, the music was truly moving. I could go on.

    I recommend reading the books as well. They are even longer, but a really great read!

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