“There are so many worse things than death. Not to be loved or not to be able to love: that is worse.”
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

Hi, guys! Yes, Quote Tuesday still exists, indeed! This is a very stressful week so I’ll just leave this here.

This is the first quote I have posted in a while, and I chose one of my favorites. 🙂

Just imagine what it would be to live without love. Nothing would make our lives more miserable. Love makes our lives seem better already…! (Not just romantic love, but family, and friendship. Those are important too!)


Don’t mind me, I was just imagining dragons last night.

*logs into WordPress after 3 weeks of inactivity, hiding*

Well hello, everyone, if there’s any people still watching for my posts. *looks around*

I guess it’s time for an update, right? Sorry for not posting anything (even quotes), in a while. I had even signed myself up for the Writing 101 course but wasn’t able to follow it. This past month has been quite stressful. (And finals are coming in a month. That is scary.)

So, you came here for a (fun) blog post, right? I went to the Imagine Dragons concert yesterday with my best friend and it was amazing. It could be considered one of the highlights of the year for me. I was really tired as I had gone to Uni to give a presentation and take a class, but it was so worth it. Dan Reynolds’ voice is something else. I am so happy I was able to go… even if we arrived home at 1am and my brother had a standardized test today. (Selfish, I know.)

I arrived at the train station 2 hours before the concert was about to start, which is reasonable… and I got in the train, without really knowing where I was getting off. Yep. I could have called anyone and I didn’t, oh well. So… as you could have guessed, I missed my stop. When I saw the Choliseo while I was staring outside my window, this was my (mental) reaction:

To the people that aren’t mind readers, this was me, especially after the station announced that it would be out of service as soon as the train arrived:

Resultado de imagen para internally screaming gif

I soon realized the same thing had happened to the people around me, and then one of the employees approached us, telling us we could aboard the other train, and we could get in time for the concert. For us, at least, it felt like this:

They were fun people, at least, so we spent the next fifteen minutes or so joking about how we couldn’t travel to Paris if we couldn’t even get to the Choliseo the right way. Then we got to the right station, and I never saw them again. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

In case you’re wondering, this is the Choliseo.

I got there with an hour or so to spare, and I had to wait for my friend, so I walked around… met a Twitter friend, and sat down, all the while there was a truck playing Imagine Dragons songs. That certainly made the waiting  more bearable.


Around half an hour before the concert was going to start, my friend finally arrived. And we bought matching T-shirts.

The rest is history, and it is recorded in the hundreds (or even thousands) of tweets and pictures that were sent during the concert.


If you have the option to go to one of their concerts, do it. You most definitely will NOT regret it.

Love at First Watch: The Misselthwaite Archives!

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my blog.  🙂

Today I’m here to present to you… The Misselthwaite Archives! First of all, I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this one earlier. You know I love webseries!

The Misselthwaite Archives, or #MisselArch for short (This is actually their hashtag, by the way) are a modern adaptation of The Secret Garden, a book written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s a webseries, combined with images and vignettes that help you to grasp the story in a fuller way.

It features Mary Lennox (played wonderfully by Sophie Gibson), a recently orphaned 17 year old teenager with some issues. She believes all her problems are due to her parents. (I believe so, as well). Even before her parents died, they had sent her to therapy because her grades had dropped. Her psychiatrist, Fiona Burnett (played by Lauren Crowe-Mueller) initially diagnoses her with apathy or anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure). After her parents die in a car accident, Mary moves to her uncle Art’s house, but doesn’t actually live with him (he travels a lot.. and posts angry Yelp reviews afterwards!), but with his sister Sarah Medlock.

Sarah, then, gets Mary an unusually enthusiastic tutor named Phoebe (Played by Jack Wells), who tells her the story of this garden. (Well, The Secret Garden must be named after something, right?)

The story is just starting to develop, really, and it actually looks really good. I have not read The Secret Garden (And probably won’t until I finish watching the show. I want to be surprised :D) I love the acting, and the writing. Some of it is really funny…

This version of Mary kind of reminds me of Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy, with her wonderful one liners and how you know she is actually smart and has a heart under all of that sassy self. She has her reasons to be that way. She had to protect herself.

The vignettes and other multimedia (That you can also help submit) usually tell you more about the characters than what they would actually want to tell you on screen. I also absolutely love that they shoot outside. While they sometimes use the vlogging style, The Misselthwaite Archives sometime uses beautiful scenery that we, the public, would absolutely miss if it wasn’t used.

If you want to watch the wonderful thing that is #MisselArch, you can:

  • Visit their Tumblr HERE.
  • Visit their producer’s Twitter HERE.
  • Visit their producer’s Instagram HERE.

It updates on Wednesdays and Fridays! (I already know that I will be impatiently waiting for the next episode to be posted :3)

Well, I guess this is it. I really hope you give it a chance. For me, it was basically love at first watch. I hope you join us in this journey that’s about to get even better. 🙂

Relationships and Desirability (aka “Maybe I’m the problem?”)

I have already written about this, but I don’t care.

Hello, everyone. May I direct you to a previous post that has a lot to do with what I feel right now? Things haven’t changed at all since that day, so yeah…

Don’t get me wrong. I can see the perks of being single, and I am enjoying some of them, the sense of freedom, you know. I just have a lot of trouble feeling like I could be… what’s the word? Oh, yes, desirable. That someone could be with me because they actually like me. Like I said in the post I linked earlier, I have not fallen in love… yet, and although I have had a few offers (Yes, I’m using this word purposefully) to be in a relationship, I don’t feel they’re serious. (Besides, there’s always the “you like me, I like someone else” situation. I have talked about this with my mom. She seems to agree.) That has happened to me a few times, and I have had a hard time believing I could ever be in a relationship.

My friends don’t believe I’ve never been in a relationship before. My lab partner recently even used the word “gorgeous” to describe me. It’s not that I don’t believe her, it’s just that my whole life, people have never noticed me the way I want to be noticed. I was the bookworm, the one that always spent her time alone at the library because people did not understand how much I loved books.

When my brother was talking to us about his experience with relationships, (yes, my “little” brother) my mom talked about how people his age tend to play with the idea of love. I told my mother I didn’t go through that stage, and she said I did. That there was this person I could have been with in high school and he could have thought I wasn’t the one because of which books I liked and how we fought. (yes, we tended to fight, and I actually remember liking it.) Who knows? Maybe we were meant to be, but I can’t keep thinking about the past. Keep moving forward, and all that.

Recently, in college, things changed somehow, but basically stayed the same. I found people like me, but I still felt like an outcast. I have found people that understand, which is nice, but I haven’t found that person. The person that want to be with physically and emotionally, while he wants to be with me, too. I don’t know. Maybe I have to keep waiting? I have zero experience with this. I don’t like not knowing. It has been way too long…!

Who knows? Maybe, as I’m writing this, there’s someone thinking about me. Someone I haven’t even considered yet. Let’s hope. Let’s believe the future can be better! (Or that I can start enjoying to be single. Whichever comes first.)