I’m DONE with college! (for a week)

Summer is here!!

(At least for my classmates.) I am going to take a summer class (Immunology, I’m so excited!) in about a week, but I’m planning on enjoying my freedom until then.

I finished my sophomore year yesterday, which basically means I am halfway done with my bachelor’s degree. I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for two years now. It feels like my high school graduation was just yesterday! A lot happened during this year, and some things are still happening, but everything is falling into place somehow.

Yesterday was particularly good for me. Remember how I said one of my birthday resolutions was to get my GPA up? I’m on it! I still have a long way to go, but I am doing great. You should have seen my happy dance when I saw my chemistry grade.

*whispers* I am done with Organic Chemistry, and I do not have to repeat it! I am basically bursting with happiness, as it is one of the most important prerequisites to become a pharmacist, which is my current goal.

I must admit, that class was hard as hell, but I learned a lot, and I do not regret taking it with that particular professor. Even if she’s the most demanding one, she supported me until the end. Even my lab went great…! (I thought it would be hell, as I thought my lab professor hated me. I guess she realized I was doing my best :3) I’m also done with Human Biology. I will actually miss that class, even if it was demanding. I learned lots about the human body and how it works. It made me realize I’m on the right track!

Next year, I’ll be sure to slay Physics… ooh, and Human Genetics! Let’s hope it goes as nicely as it this one went. And that it is way more quiet… in a good way.

Well, this week I plan on binge watching Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time… before I go back to the classroom next Tuesday. I plan on blogging way more now that I have more time. 😉


I Will Survive.

You know when all your teachers/professors align everything around a specific week?

evil-teachers_o_186841Well, that’s me right now. I’m right in the middle of the classical example of a college hell week. 🙂

I have been able to survive half of it, but I still have two more exams left! (My hardest ones)

*Starts singing along to this*

I will write a longer post after this week. I promise 🙂


Nat x

10 Good Things About My Life

I just noticed my last few blog posts have been kind of depressing and stressful. *insert sad smiley* This is why I thought about writing this blog post. No matter how much life brings you down, there’s always something to be grateful, and happy, for.

1. I have an amazing family.
They are funny, smart and supportive. Sometimes even more than I deserve to have. I am so grateful for them everyday, even if I might not show it.


2. I’m studying what I love.
I might have my doubts about what I will do in the future, but I certainly do love what I’m studying. Biology is one of the most beautiful things in this world. It helps you understand everything around you in such a way, that you just want more knowledge. I just love Science!


3. Books!
My love for books is so big it needs its own number. Books are so important to me and they have helped me become who I am. They have also made me realize how I can achieve my goals.


4. Music
Music always makes me feel better, no matter what I’m feeling. I could be going through a really rough time, and if there’s a song that I like on the radio, I will sing it with my soul! Also, music helps me study and concentrate.


5. Friends.
I don’t think I will ever be grateful enough for the people I can call friends. They are always there, they notice when I’m sad or just don’t feel like doing anything. They just understand… And that’s something not many people have. I appreciate it a lot.


6. Dreams

This one has a lot to do with number 2, but this one is about dreams in general. Dreams give us something to believe in, something to fight for. Dreams are the thread of life, actually, and I’m glad I have some dreams and goals to be fierce about.


7. A Singing Voice (Kidding!! xD)

I cannot sing to save my life! I’m oddly thankful about that, because it somehow defines me, and gives my friends something to laugh about.

8. Life in general.

Life is a beautiful thing, with its twists and turns. Without them, it wouldn’t be interesting. That is why we have to look at the positive side of things. We must learn something about everything that happens to us.

9. Sasha

As you might have seen in my About page, Sasha’s my pug. She’s my favorite thing on Earth. She’s so happy and loving, and I love her so much!!

10170727_1594053900819816_7659073372236384143_n10. Being myself!

Being myself is the thing I’m thankful the most for. I love my life so much. I might complain a lot, but basically there’s not a thing I would change about it (especially when it comes to myself). I might be many things, but I know I’m a good person, and I’m proud of it. I love being Nat!!


My Sophomore Year (So far) : Lit Courses + Science

As I said on my first post, I’m a Biology student. Needless to say, that does take some time from me. I need to invest in my future and what I’ll become later on. Also, I actually like what I’m doing. I don’t regret choosing Biology over Lit as my major. Let me explain myself. My Sophomore year has some perks I hadn’t contemplated.

Perk #1: I get to read a lot of lit this year.

This is why I haven’t had much time to read or write my own things. This semester I’m taking more classes, and both my Spanish and English courses are about lit genres. They don’t take as much time as my research English course, but I still need to invest some time on them. The nice thing about that is… I get to learn more about literature and how to analyze it!

My reader self is dancing right now, as both my professors are very supportive and love literature as an art. 

Perk #2: I’m finally learning a lot about the human body and how it works!

I also take my Science classes, which are part of my major. Those basically take 75% of my time (both the classes and the labs). Human Biology is my favorite class, and it’s the reason why I’m so optimistic about this whole year. Organic Chemistry takes a whole chunk of my time and energy, and I’m trying to learn how to love it. (If you have any tips, please refer to the comment section.)

And since nothing is perfect, there are some things that bother me.

I have a lot to say about my Social Sciences professor, but I’ve been taught that if there’s nothing good to say, it’s better to stay silent. All I will say is that I had some expectations about this class and she blew them. She has had a lot of chances to expand her horizons, yet she has a narrow mind. It’s sad to see, actually, especially since she’s studying people, and humanity has evolved. I wish she realizes this before it is too late. 

As for my reading habits (which have nothing to do with college), I’m trying not to procrastinate, which means I’m leaving them for the few free hours I get on the weekends. That’s how I got to read If I Stay last weekend. I don’t think I’ll get more chances like that anytime soon. I will try to sneak some reading time here and there to make things interesting and to have something not school related to blog about.