Today’s my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

I’m officially nineteen. I have not done much to change my life during the last year, apart from starting this blog. Starting SB&ST feels like a milestone, you know. I have realized how much I love writing and keeping a record of what I think at a certain moment. I have made new friends, left some behind, and I don’t regret any of my choices. One should never regret the past.

As for now, I want to start fresh, you know. New year, new life. Now that I’m nineteen, I have 19 goals I want to achieve (sooner or later)

  1. Post more regularly, and about things relevant to other people.
  2. Get my blog to be (if not famous) a smart thing to read, not just light reading.
  3. Get my GPA up. Seriously, that is a must for me!
  4. Start looking for internships. I will probably take a class this summer while I achieve goal #2.
  5. Participate during my classes (And life in general)
  6. Wear more dresses.
  7. Spend less time online and socialize more.
  8. Care less about everyone’s opinion of me.
  9. Develop an opinion.
  10. Share said opinion with the world.
  11. Read more books.
  12. Start a hobby (Preferrably a novel)
  13. Get a job (at least during the summer)
  14. Buy a car.
  15. Be more independent.
  16. Start saving for a London trip.
  17. Exercise more.
  18. Eat better.
  19. In general, to Keep moving forward. This is my motto for my next year.

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