Quick Update: Exams, Exhaustion and Other Things.

Hello, people. Nat here.

This week has been stressful, just like the past two (I haven’t been able to post much… sorry!). I have an Organic Chem test tomorrow, and my grandmother had surgery on Monday. Anyhow, she is better now, but we spent like five hours at the hospital. My grandma will probably be discharged anytime soon. We can’t wait to be free from all this…! These past 3 months have been brutal…! I am still exhausted, and definitely sick. My throat hurts a lot!

Have you ever been so exhausted you actually cried from all the emotional things that have happened at the same time? I actually cried after my dad told me he wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s Monday night. That’s an extreme, people. I had reached my peak of emotional stress for the day and that night I just… Cried. Not for the missing McDonald’s meal… (I hope!!)

On the bright side, I did my lab yesterday, and my professor actually thought I did well. She couldn’t believe it. The approving look in her eyes was beautiful. Guys, this is the first time I achieve something like this!! 🙂

I hope to be able to post happier (and longer) things in a while. xD I owe you, guys. 🙂


Nat x


15 thoughts on “Quick Update: Exams, Exhaustion and Other Things.

  1. Yes I have totally been there. Just so much that it makes you cry. And it was only last year! But when I finished crying, I was able to stand up (with help from friends and family) and make my way back. And stronger for it I think….

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