Quick update!

First of all, sorry about not blogging this week. I was having this awful cold, and was a little stressed. You see, I got my grades!

** if I were a vlogger, I would insert my opening here** 😀

If you have followed my blog for the past few weeks, you know that I had an Organic Chem exam last Friday. I got my grade yesterday, and it was surprisingly good! Especially if you saw the awful graphs the professor showed us before giving us the exam. Seriously, they were depressing. When I got my test, I was about to jump from happiness then and there. The other professors were also complaining about our performance in that test. I personally think it wasn’t that hard. I knew which answers I had gotten wrong.

I also had a Social Sciences test two weeks ago and I got my grade yesterday, but that really doesn’t count, does it? I don’t really have enough space to think in that class. (I made a decision about that. I’m going to be thankful to have time for my other classes) By the way, it was a good grade. I just don’t feel like celebrating for nothing.

In other news, I am in process of applying for summer internships and looking for professors that are kind (and possibly crazy) enough to give me some recommendation letters. I scored one last Wednesday! (Now I have some more to go. Possibly my current Biology lab professor… *thinks deeply*

P.S. I’m so sorry. I know I only blog about college and how it’s working for me. I just need a release from everything! I shall think about other topics… Soon! I promise! 😀


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