Merry Christmas!

Hello, guys! Merry Christmas!

I hope your holidays have been great and that you’re enjoying your gifts!

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog much (or at all). My family’s schedule has been hectic the last week. A lot has happened, we’re still doing the novenary (9 days of rosaries after a person’s burial). It has basically been a chain reaction after my aunt’s death, but we’re pulling through. I’m sure we’ll do fine in no time!

Today was nice, though. I sat with my cousin and rewatched Sherlock episodes (this is my dream holiday xD). I’ll probably watch the DW Christmas special tonight or tomorrow, depends on how addicted I get to Pottermore. (Add me! I’m FelicisSeeker123)

P.S. I have a book post scheduled for the 30th 27th and I’ll be sure to blog a bit more than I have done before.

Until next time,

Nat 🙂


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