This hasn’t been an easy year.

These past few days I’ve been focused on Writing101and it has been amazing, but I haven’t talked about what’s happening in my life since the beginning of the school year, or even before that…

I promise I will post my Writing101 prompt later today, but I had to write this. It’s important.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know these months haven’t been easy for my family, ever since last December. Some months after we thought everything was over, one of my aunts informed us that my grandma had hidden the fact that she had an abscess in her abdominal area. She got surgery –I was around that day, but I didn’t write much about that… Her surgeon informed us that it could be cancerous, and that she needed to check herself just in case.

After her initial radiotherapy, we all thought it all was over… but then she started complaining about pain on her shoulder I’m pretty sure you know what comes next on this tale. We all thought it was all due to the remains of the radiation on her body, but we were wrong, we were so wrong. Her doctor asked for a chest X-Ray, and they found something on her lungs. It had spread. That was last month.

Right now, she’s at the hospital. I found out she was taken after I got home from Uni yesterday. Seeing my dad go through this is heartbreaking, especially as he had to get a job in Texas and he has to leave on the 26th. My heart is just praying nothing serious happens while he’s out there… but my mind knows that it’s highly probable. And I hate that.

I know I can’t be selfish… We can’t ask her to stay if she’s tired. I just want her to be in peace. She has gone through so much this past year…

This post was to vent as much as to inform people.

Please, go to the doctor. Please, go and get checked regularly, especially if you feel there’s something wrong. Please, ask your family to do so. If not for me, then for them. :’)


6 thoughts on “This hasn’t been an easy year.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear your grandma is sick. It’s hard, especially when you don’t know all the details or what will happen in the future. *hugs*


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