Some burned CDs and a map.

For assignment #4 of Writing101 we had to write a story –or anything we wanted, really, based on any of these four pictures:

I decided on the map. For a while I wanted to choose the city and write about my own experience, but I wanted something different, so I wrote a short “story” about a road trip… (I wouldn’t call it a story, but I had fun! I wish I can do this someday :D)

We decided to go on a day-long road trip. But it was not a normal road trip, not how it’s done these days. We forbid the use of any cellphones, cameras or any technological device –apart from the car and the radio, of course. Our phones would be here, off, in case of emergency, but not within our reach –We just wanted to enjoy our day, isolated from everyone else, without checking in anywhere. Someone suggested it to us, and it sounded like such a fun idea, so we went in for it! We did not know how long it would take, not without the GPS we were so used to have… So we bought a road map and began to trace our route. The road trip had not started yet –we did NOT cheat! –so we found some places to visit on Google.

At first we were so confused. How would we able to even find where we wanted to go on this tangle of roads and places without Google after we turned our phones off? We would surely get lost… And we wouldn’t be able to call anyone for help unless it was absolutely necessary. That was rule #1. But then we started figuring everything out; we found familiar places to work with, and marked the ones we wanted to visit and the most likely routes we would use. We chose places where we would do some sightseeing, and a beautiful beach where we planned to spend some hours at. Burning some CDs with the music we wanted was a must. We made hours-long playlists with all our favorite songs and organized them so no one would have more than the others.

After three whole days of planning and getting supplies, the day finally came. We got into our car and began driving with our trusting map. Sadly, or not so, we don’t have any photographic evidence of the beautiful places we visited or the fun we had, but they’re all there, imprinted in our memories. The evidence is there, in our skins, burned with the sun… in our smiles, that haven’t left our mouths even a week after the trip. We had an amazing experience, and we’re the only ones who know all about it.


Spiritual Tales at the Doctor’s Office.

I had a weird experience yesterday. I went to the doctor for my cold. I don’t even know this doctor very well. She had attended me a few times before and she seemed… normal and professional. This time was different.

My mom started telling her about my medical background and the medical conditions most of my family has, bla, blah… -Which is normal, by the way, – until the doctor suddenly changed the topic. She started talking about how someone had told her something she didn’t agree with. I was pretty sure I knew where this came from, but stayed quiet. I mean, I just wanted some medication for my cold.

She then told us about how she had these experiences when she was young, these beliefs, and she mentioned both esotericism and existentialism. (Very different things…) That she believed she knew more than other people, bla blah, blah. (The usual speech about how when you mature and you realize you don’t know everything, you suddenly become a good Christian.)

Needless to say, my mother and I were speechless. What would we say about this? So we basically smiled and nodded while she was telling her story. (Even though I most definitely did not agree with what she was saying.) I interrupted her twice to ask her what I was there for. I needed a medical certificate.

After all her tale about having thrown things like incense sticks and other spiritual paraphernalia to the trash because a friend told her that her home was a “vipers nest” (Basically, according to her, some objects have evil inside them. When I used the word “Energies”, she said that’s what she believed when she was young. Yep.), she arrived to the topic I was expecting.

She specifically said “hell is full of good people” and that “if you leave your door half open, the Enemy can get in”. These are direct quotes. She said that everything’s in the Bible, and that we could respect homosexual people, but not agree with their behavior. (Yep. All this buildup, because probably a person close to her declared him/herself gay.)

When she finished her improvised monologue, she told us she didn’t know why she told us all that (Like I hadn’t heard that before). In the end, we went out, without my medication. Yes, after all that conversation, she forgot about attending her patient.

I am a Christian and I respect her beliefs, but there’s a line between the doctor and their patient. This wasn’t very professional from her. Having different opinions and beliefs does not make you a sinner, having foul intentions does. At least that’s what I believe.

P.S. Spring Break is here!! I have to use it to study, but I will try to blog as much as I can, to finish Heir of Fire and to catch up with my TV shows. 🙂 #busyschedule! 😀

I hope you have a great weekend!