“But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreams”

Hi, everyone. It’s been a while. (an understatement, but certainly not the longest time I have been without writing on this blog)

I have been busy. And then I wasn’t. I haven’t been busy for two weeks already and I haven’t been able to put everything that happened during the past 6 months in writing. I’m thinking I could divide everything in a couple of posts, so you’ll have some things to look forward to, if you like my writing. (which… I’m not sure it’s even possible) This post is about two dreams I was able to fulfill on this period of time, if you want to read it.

Dream #1: The first time I visited Universal Studios in Orlando, years ago, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was being announced as I was leaving. Middle-school Natalie felt sad (although that’s not strong enough of a word, I think). Through the years, as it opened, as my friends and classmates all posted pictures with Hogwarts, on Diagon Alley, or drinking butterbeer, I felt jealous. (I mean, I was happy for them in a way, but I wanted to see what it felt.) When my friend told me she wanted to visit a mutual friend who studies in Orlando during spring break, I did not miss the chance: I said yes. Enthusiastically. We would figure out the logistics on the way. And we did.

Believe me, there were A LOT of roadblocks, beginning with the tickets we bought and apparently someone had reprinted 4 times. (But that’s another story, although if you followed me on Snapchat that day, the rants were REAL) However, it was an amazing experience to visit the place I dreamed of with my best friend. I still get teary-eyed thinking of how it felt to see Hogwarts for the first time.


It was also amazing to meet my friend’s classmates who did everything to make us feel welcome. I will always feel thankful for everything. For taking us to eat Korean BBQ for the first time (it was amazing, thanks for asking). For watching Twilight with us (my friend’s first time).

Of course, my immune system could not stay put and I got sick during the trip. What I thought was a regular cold turned out to be… *drumrolls* influenza!

So, you guessed right: a spring break that was going to last a week lasted half a month that felt like forever, after which it was extremely difficult to catch up on my university’s responsibilities. Anyhow, I survived, the semester ended, and dream #2 was about to be fulfilled.

*Making a note here: if you can get a flu vaccine, please do. Although you can still get the flu, the chances of getting it and the severity of the infection could decrease.

For some background into dream #2: If you follow me online, you’ll know I have been obsessed with Anastasia: The Musical since *looks on Twitter* probably November 2017.

I have loved the animated movie since earlier:

(but let’s move on). I wanted to see it with my own eyes, so when it was announced that its Broadway run would end, I was devastated:

As you know, although it closed, there is a tour traveling through the US. And casually (I still cannot believe this), it would stop on Fort Lauderdale during my finals and through the beginning of May. Which meant that I had a (small) chance of seeing it before I went on a cruise trip with my class friends. However, I did not realize this until I had a conversation with my school friends. They encouraged me to buy tickets, and then told me they would go with me. Which meant ABSOLUTELY THE WORLD and I will always appreciate. So I can say I watched Anastasia, I listened to my favorite songs live and sang along from the very last row and enjoyed it all.


I almost cried listening to In a Crowd of Thousands live. And In My Dreams. And Quartet at the Ballet (These three were always my favorites, and will remain like that for the rest of time) The Countess and the Common Man, though. This performance GAVE ME LIFE. (The touring cast is so talented, guys.)

There’s something to be said about the feeling of seeing a dream fulfilled. Of course, I have new and unfinished ones, (Seeing Hadestown and graduating Pharmacy school come to mind), and I cannot wait to do it all. And to take you all with me.

-Nat ❤


This is a fast one. I just thought I could talk about how memories must be cherished… and how pictures help! 🙂

I tend to save a lot of pictures. I also tend to forget them as time passes by. Today I went through some pictures that reminded me of how life used to be. I also realized I haven’t changed much, even if years have gone by. I’m still kind of naive, but I like that about myself. I like being able to see the good in people. I also realized I miss some people and things I had some years ago. I wish I had realized earlier how much I valued them.

There’s a Perks of being a Wallflower quote that fits this post perfectly. IMG_1672

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

Even if we want some moments to last forever, they won’t. And that is good. If they didn’t, life would be suspended in them, and they wouldn’t be as special as they are. It is nice to remember, because this teaches you that life isn’t always sad. In fact, the happy moments are so worth it! And more and more will be added to this category!!!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe thing about pictures is that they help you save those moments, the ones that mattered the most. Memories fade away, but pictures, if stored properly, can last forever. I plan on printing my favorites and making a collage in my room.


It’s amazing to know that someday, everything that is happening will become just a memory. Maybe you’ll remember what you’re living right now and think about it as the best days of your life, even if you don’t think so right now.

IMG_5520Value what you’re learning, what you’re doing. Save it all in your memory, write about it in your blog, in your diary. You’ll cherish all these moments -the good and the bad- sooner or later,

Thanks for reading!!

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