“Everything happens for a reason”

Small post with some of my musings about fate. Hope you like it.

Everyone has heard this phrase. We tell it to ourselves constantly. I think I told it to my friend as recently as yesterday. No one can deny, though, that we say it to make ourselves feel better about an event that is out of our control. Sometimes we don’t mean it, but desperately want to believe that bad things happen to us because something good is about to happen, or that we’ll benefit in some way from what is happening.

Most of the time, though, it isn’t like that. Fate might exist, yes, but it is all bound to us, our decisions and what we do. Our actions define our future. We can run on autopilot, yes, but that won’t do any good for us. Our action or inaction will cause something to happen. This is basic physics that we can apply to life. This is also the principle that defines the butterfly effect. That’s the beautiful thing about humanity. We have free will, and it is our duty to exert it as well as we can so our future (and others’) is as bright as we can.

There are, however, some factors that we cannot control. The weather and someone else’s actions or words are things that could ruin (or change) our plans. What we can work with is how we react to these events. Our mind is sometimes our biggest enemy, and controlling our negative thoughts is the key for success. Life is about these little things. One can learn to enjoy it, or grieve for everything we lost. It is our choice.

Some things do not happen for a reason. The sooner we accept that, the better.  What is up to us, though, is what we do about the events that happen. Are we going to go with the flow, with inertia, or are we going to fight for what we want?

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What if?: Destiny and Dreams.

One of my best friends in college is thinking about giving up with one of my classes and repeat it later. She’s thinking about changing her major and is a bit confused, since she still has to take a lot of math classes. Thing is, I think she loves what she’s doing right now and I think she might regret this decision later. My mom took that decision before. She had a good reason to abandon her career, since my grandpa was sick and she had to take care of him. She also says she was really tired and her study conditions were not the best. I’m sure she does not regret her decisions, but I wonder if she ever thinks: “what if?”

My mother loves science, as much or even more as I do. She knows a lot about what I’m studying and I can almost always use her as a reference. She never got back around to finishing her BA in Science and she was so close! She’s happy, though, and she became a teacher and got to help students to realize they wanted a career in Science. It’s actually amazing to have a teacher that inspires you and I love my mom got to be that for her students.

I actually have a point here. My point is that there’s no reason to give up your dreams… Unless it’s not your dream anymore. No matter if it’s a year or twenty years later, we all deserve happiness and to fulfill our destinies. Sometimes destiny is not what you expect, though, so if my friend wants to change her major because she likes Psychology better, then she should go for it! But if she is doing it to escape some harder classes, she should think it better. Escaping is never an option. We should face our challenges head on!