My precious… TREASURE!

You guys are going to get used to me writing everyday… You’ll get spoiled! (Not that my writing is that good, but I guess some people would want to know what I think about things. Oh, well. I’ll have to manage!

Today’s assignment for Writing101 is to write a prompt about one of six words they offered, and I chose the word treasure, even if another one of them kind of slipped into my writing. (oops? :D)

When most people think about the word “treasure”, they think about money, jewels and pirates.

or this song:

A treasure is something that should be valued, that’s important to you. To me, memories are the most important treasure. Being able to recall perfectly a moment when you were truly happy, or perhaps a time when you were sad and someone lifted your spirits with a joke. These things cannot be stolen from you and you can’t get them by force, which makes them infinitely more precious than a trunk filled with gold… or a ring that can rule them all.

Another thing I consider as a treasure is time. Time comes and goes quickly, and sometimes we do not realize how ephemeral we all are. We live our lives and we take them for granted, so we spend our time in our rooms, in our cell phones, isolated from everyone else.

When it’s time to let go, though, we realize how much of that treasure we actually lost. And how much we wasted. How is it possible that we don’t appreciate the time we spend with our families? That most of the time we’re with them we are attuned to our cellphones/technological devices? I say this because I’m absolutely guilty about this, even this very second as I am writing this in a separate room from my family.

Time is a precious thing, and it will go on, no matter if we waste it or if we spend it right. So why do we treat it as it will go on forever? We’ll die sometime, someday we’ll lose the people we love… And yet we keep on ignoring this. And someday, we’ll regret it. We’ll regret not giving love to that special person, to the people who made you happy when you needed it the most.

And all we will have in that very moment… are memories. So we should cultivate them, have fun and be with the people we love.. because that is all we will have left in the end.


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