Writing? Why?

Hello, everyone! I just joined Writing101and this is my first assignment. I hope to be able to keep myself all caught up with my writing… and I think this is a great exercise.(And a nice way to procrastinate). Wish me luck, people!

If I’m really honest, I don’t write for one specific reason –I write for many. I write when I want to vent about something… I write as a diary, and to organize the huge mess that is my mind. This is why I keep this blog. I do realize I’m not a really good writer –in both my native language (Spanish) or English– and yet I do it anyway.

Why, though? I haven’t given much thought about it, to be honest. Most people have told me that if I am a good reader writing will come to me naturally. That, sadly, hasn’t happened to me yet. Don’t get me wrong. I can form coherent thoughts, but I can’t seem to do it beautifully, as many people happen to do naturally. I appreciate that talent, and I sometimes envy those people’s ability to express themselves in such a way that I don’t ever want them to stop. I wish I could make someone feel like that about my writing.

Writing is not just about knowing the big words –it’s about knowing how to use them, the cadency, the rhythm. As a Biology student, I sometimes forget to think about the beauty of language, (not any language in particular, just being able to communicate yourselves in any way is amazing by itself). For example, there are many ways to describe a beautiful sunset, than those two words, “beautiful” and “sunset”. You can concentrate on the colors, on how they mix, on how they make you feel. It’s amazing to know such beauty can be derived from such a limited amount of letters –I don’t know the exact numbers, but I once read a whole blog post about it, and it was amazing…,–and that the whole world can inspire you in endless ways.

I guess in the long run, I write because I want to create something beautiful someday, and I believe the written word is the path for me, even though I have a long way to go.


8 thoughts on “Writing? Why?

  1. You’ll get to where you’re going…all you need is a desire to improve. I see nothing wrong with your writing, Your thoughts are clear, and your desire to make something beautiful is beautiful in itself…just enjoy yourself! Looking forward to following you!

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