I wish I was Peter Pan.

Why does growing up and opening my eyes hurt this much? I wish I didn’t find out about certain things.

I guess sometimes it feels better to stay in the dark.

PS. I’m okay. I just didn’t know certain things were happening (or not happening, whatever)


6 thoughts on “I wish I was Peter Pan.

  1. Nat. When I was younger I thought that growing up would lead to a day of enlightenment when all would be explained and I was then truly an adult.
    As I grew older I realised that was not the case, but there were two clear things to bear in mind; growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional. . . at 55 I still haven’t “opted in!”
    Keep smiling! Dookes 🙂

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  2. I hear ya luv. Sometimes you just want to keep your eyes shut and the blanket over your head. I still have the occasional day like that unfortunately. But you’re a strong girl, you can handle it with grace and strength. Just keep going 🙂

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