“We want them to become adults without actually allowing them to become adults.”

An insightful post about how things may have changed over time, but society still sets teens’ opinions aside.

crimson kas


So I’m still a bit stuck on this growing up thing, though I’ve switched gears slightly. My focus, now, is on the teenagers. I look back at my teenage years and the first thing I think of is rage. It’s not what the people around me would think of–they would think of a quiet girl going to church, with a phase that included a lot of black lipstick and dark clothing.

A phase. That’s all it ever is when you’re a kid. But the anger felt real. And my need to express myself felt real. So often, though, these things get brushed under the rug. It’s a phase.

I went through a phase where I tried to be a good adult–check my credit, build a career, file away my life. I couldn’t complete the process, though. Maybe I’m defective. I’m awful at being a grown up. As I found myself…

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