Circle of Five.

There’s an old Spanish saying that goes like this:

Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.

Basically it means that the people you spend your time with define your actions and your attitude towards life. It’s one of my parents’ favorite sayings! It also makes a lot of sense… but think about this:

If you had to choose who you hang out with, knowing that their actions would make other people see you differently, would you choose the same people you do everyday? Or would you change your inner circle?

People, this happens everyday already. People get judged because of their company all the time, and it’s sad! Maybe they are being a positive influence on each other, and people just see the negative things in them.

Socializing is an essential part of human nature! It’s important to consider that meeting diverse people is one of the best parts of life, and if we inhibit ourselves from that, we’re losing the chance of discovering parts of ourselves that we never considered that could be in there! In the end, some of their best (and worst) characteristics will rub off on you. And that’s okay!

Having said this, here’s a list of five people that I would love to meet and/or spend more time with them:

  1. My brother: I would love to get to know him better. He’s a really cool guy, sometimes, and I struggle with fitting together the little boy I protected with the grown (man?) he is today.
    1. What would I take from him? His sense of humor.
  2. The Pope: Yes. I would choose him, as he’s already changing the Catholic Church’s perception about the ever changing world.
    1. What would I take from him? Maybe a more open heart… I would love to see the world as he does.
  3. My current Social Sciences professor: He’s so humble and fun! He’s also very smart, and does not have a filter.
    1. What would I take from him? His vast knowledge… and maybe his fearlessness at voicing his opinion.
  4. My current best friends (Yes. I chose two people for this one): They are smart, they are fearless, and they are some of the best company I’ve ever experiences. I hope that I don’t ever lose them.
    1. What would I take from them? Their ability to voice their minds, and the way they can maintain an effortless conversation. Also their good humor.
  5. Tahereh Mafi: She’s just flawless, and an amazing writer. if I could meet her… *starry eyes*
    1. What would I take from her? Her sense of humor, andher amazing ability to write beautiful prose. 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”


4 thoughts on “Circle of Five.

  1. Very good post. And a very good topic. I never had something like an inner circle until now. The older you become the less people are around you which you would call friends. But that’s a normal procedure, I think. If someone will stand on your side for 20 years, you can be quite sure he will do the same the next 20 years. 🙂 In times of facebook, where people claim they have hundreds of friends the word friend is used in a inflationary way losing its actual meaning.
    Seeya later aligator…

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