Classic Alice: An Amazing Transmedia Project

Hello, everyone.

Let’s talk business. Let’s talk about Classic Alice.

Classic Alice is a scripted vlog, written, starred, and created by Kate Hackett**, about a college student that decides to live her life according the plots of classic books. Alice Rackham received a B- in one of her college projects, and thought that was a bad grade, a disaster. Her professor said she didn’t connect to the book enough, that she didn’t emotionally get it. So she makes this decision.

**She’s a genius.

 Her friend, Andrew Prichard *insert swooning here*

… needed a documentary for his senior college project and convinces Alice to “live her life.. one book at a time.” She starts with Crime and Punishment, and… well… saying anything else would be spoiling the show for you.

I got obsessed with this show a while ago, when some actors from the Emma Approved series appeared on one of their episodes. I was curious… and it was so much more than I imagined. I’m pretty sure I watched all the show’s episodes in one night. It was that good. I approve the binge watching Classic Alice project. 🙂

Alice is such a relatable character. I could somehow see myself doing something like that, and taking those decisions. The ways the books are adapted to life are amazing, and I have wanted to read along with them for a while. The actors (Kate Hackett, Tony Noto and Elise Cantu) make it look real, and weekly confessionals help you to know more about what’s happening. The storylines are written to perfection. 🙂

Guys… there is more. Classic Alice is a transmedia show. (kind of like Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries…) This basically means the characters interact with you along the way. (Tweeting, on Tumblr, commenting on the videos, you name it. They even have a podcast named Pens and Lens) Isn’t this amazing?? I must admit I got really happy when Alice added me as a friend on Goodreads! 😀 It is nice to be part of this. (Even if it’s such a small part.)

This show also has a purpose and a message. It’s encouraging people to read more, to interpret what they read, and to just aspire to be a better person and connect with people. 🙂

You must be wondering: How can I start watching this masterpiece? It’s easy. You can subscribe HEREYou can watch their Classic Alice- The Entirety playlist HERE.

Okay, guys, here’s the fun part: They’re crowd-funding for Books 8 and Beyond. This means that you could help Classic Alice to keep going, and to be better. This is important. You get perks for funding, and you also get perks by referring people! 

Don’t worry if you can’t help financially. (I haven’t been able to, either…) But I am asking you, amazing people from the internet, to give this amazing show a chance. It is so worth it. And I can assure you… you will love this show… if you give it a chance. Help us #SaveAlice. 

*** All of the GIFs used on this post have been taken from


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