Short update!


This is a really short update… So I guess this is new enough for my assignment of Blogging 101… xD

Well, I’m here. Back from my first week (or two days) back at Uni. News? Well, I’m taking classes with all but one of the professors I took classes with last semester. That’s nice. They already know me, I already know them, and I know what to expect. (except for my Chem lab professor. I really need to imporve my performance there.)

I also haven’t completely realized that I’m actually back. A month and a half of freedom can do that to you. I have basically been chilling, watching TV shows and procrastinating. I need to “break the cycle”, as my English professor said today. I need to go back on track.

And I will. Soon. I promise.


8 thoughts on “Short update!

  1. I always had professors that were my favourites, in terms of their style of lecturing. Hope that the next semester goes well for you, always difficult to transition back into academia or work right after the holidays!

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  2. I know the feeling! Sometimes when I need to get back on track, I open my diary/planner and do a “brain dump.” I dump my thoughts, my goals–long term and short term, my dreams, and what’s bothering me or inspiring me. For some reason, the act of writing and seeing my goals dirtying up a piece of paper makes me feel motivated.

    It’s difficult, though, when my brain is in internal mode. I just want to read, listen to music, watch T.V. and avoid people and obligations. It’s like my brain says, “Nope. Not today,” and flips a switch.

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