What if Warner met Noah? A response to today’s Daily Prompt.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

I’ve been staring at prompts for about an hour. This one made me excited! But two characters? Who would I choose? And writing a story is not one of my strengths (or my writing style. Mine is more of a stream of consciousness… :D)

But I guess I could attack this post with my usual eager self!

The characters I chose after a lot of thinking were Aaron Warner from Shatter Me and Noah Shaw from the Mara Dyer trilogy. They are two of my favorite male characters… They have their differences… but they are definitely the same in some aspects. And I wondered what would happen if they met.

Okay, this post may contain spoilers from both series.

My first question would be… How, when and where in the world did they meet?

I mean, one of them lives in a post-apocalyptic world. I guess everything’s valid in love (and in fanfiction!!) Maybe someone from Omega Point (read the Shatter Me trilogy!) figured out how to time travel…

Still, I imagine them meeting each other, present day at Noah’s high school. (Warner would be looking for leverage and power to take down -sorry… I’ll refrain from spoilers-… You know how he is)

How would they act???

So… I imagine Warner assessing Noah’s clothes (He has this keen fashion sense!!) and posture and probably think he didn’t find anything… until he feels his energy. I can see the surprise on his face. Warner’s really arrogant, you see, and he doesn’t like being wrong. (quite the same as Noah) I also imagine Noah acting uninterested, but still looking for clues as to who in the world this guy thinks he is. They both want to hide who they are for different reasons, but they can’t.

So everyone in the room is staring at them. They could have been staring at each other for about a minute or two, (the girls are swooning from all the hotness in the room!) and they decide to leave… and possibly ask for each other’s help.

I’m pretty sure that after that first testosterone rush (and possibly some punches, who knows?) they just became friends… They told each other what their powers were and asked for tips on how to control them… if they could. Warner would be intrigued by Noah’s ability to cure people and to heal so quickly! And Noah… Well… He definitely would take Warner’s power if he could. In Noah’s own words,

“Healing’s for girls”

I do know neither of them meets the other’s significant other. (Juliette is in the future and Mara just wasn’t in the mood… Especially after she knew what Warner’s power was. Who knew what someone would want to do with it!)

But still, I don’t think Warner told Noah what would happen in the future. I mean, it is kind of depressing.

I want to think they would wish each other some luck after what happened, and that they hoped to see each other again… someday. It’s not everyday you find someone to talk to. Someone who understands. And they both understand each other. That rush of power both of them probably feel as they use their powers is unique. So I imagine they would want a friend like that. (Although they have Juliette and Mara!! They’ll be all right!! Kind of. xD)

Okay, this was really fun… but hard! I know it’s definitely not as good as the others, but I am satisfied. 🙂

I love writing about what ifs… especially if they’re fictional. 🙂


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