Inspiration from a neighbor: “Don’t be afraid to be wrong.”

Today’s assignment from Blogging101 was to find a post you liked or that made you think, comment and then writing a post about it. I had a hard time with this. I love commenting on posts, but it is sometimes hard for me to look for something to comment further on. I prefer reading personal blogs, and it would be kind of funny/morbid/sad to comment on someone’s happiness or suffering… So I looked around the blogging101 tag…

… And I found something. I found this blog that made me think… a lot. On the post Why saying “I feel like…” isn’t the best way to express yourself, A Cup of Hot Cocoa expresses how afraid people are of being wrong. And it is true, but we’re human! We’re bound to make mistakes by NATURE. How many times have we been afraid to speak up because people would laugh, or just judge our opinion? Well… if they didn’t speak up, and by some chance they were wrong… They wouldn’t have the chance to correct their mistake. And everyone should have the chance to speak up without judgement… and be corrected with respect if they were wrong.

I’m saying this because I’ve gone through it. I have been afraid of speaking my mind for a while now. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

I think I have been one of the people that have done this, and I fe- sorry, think I must correct it. Feeling is not the same as thinking. A Cup of Hot Cocoa expresses this very well on her post:

I understand the allure to use these words incorrectly. No one likes to be told they’re wrong, and it is true that you can’t tell someone their feelings are wrong (…) Thoughts, on the other hand, can 100% be false. I can think my coworker can’t do their job, but this is not undoubtedly the truth of my coworker’s abilities.

No one should be afraid to speak their minds. Communication will always be the best form of learning, but it is important to express ourselves the right way. The world’s biggest disasters (human disasters) have been caused by miscommunication. So, people, respect! If we all respected each other, no one would be afraid to think they could be wrong, but actually look forward to learn something new.

I want to thank A Cup of Hot Cocoa for sharing that amazing blog post. I can’t wait to read more from her. 🙂


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