Hello, everyone! 

I just wanted to update my blog with something, I don’t know. This has been in my mind, and I don’t know how Glee started all this thinking, but it did. I guess that it was like a chain reaction. Everything has an ending, and I wanted to blog about that. (You might think it’s depressing, but it is not. In fact, thinking like this makes me want to live more.)

As you probably know, this is Glee’s final season, and it is kind of sad to know it will be over soon. Glee has been a part of my life for a while now and I will miss it, even if it derailed from its original roots. Glee’s one of the only things that remain from my early teenage years, when I was starting to find a place to fit in, and it felt good to know that it was possible to find friends in the weirdest places, and that it’s okay if they’re different.

My teenage years are soon to be over, and even if I did not party, drink or did other things all the time, I can’t say I didn’t have fun. Most of the things I was obsessed with a few years ago are over (some of my favorite book series, like Mara Dyer and Shatter Me ended last year.) I’ve been thinking a lot about endings.

Everything will end sometime. It doesn’t matter if it will be in a few years, a few months or a few days. When we’re children, we don’t look at the future a lot, and we don’t realize years pass faster than we believe. We didn’t realize that someday we would be older, in high school, in college, working. When they asked us what we would do when we were older, we answered honestly, but still thought an eternity would pass until the future happened. Now I realize that, even if I’m technically at the beginning of my life, I’m working towards my future, and that it is most definitely closer than I believe.

My uncle came to visit today, and he said something to my parents that stuck in my mind:

“We’re getting older, we’re not going to make any money anymore. I just want to live peacefully, and leave something for my children.”

Life ends, as well. I have dealt with this fact recently, and it is important to realize that nothing is forever. You have to seize the moment. Carpe Diem. I guess that’s what I want. To fulfill my goals and to someday say I’m happy with what I did in my life. To be satisfied with my actions and how I lived. Maybe I’ll still have this blog and I’ll be able to remind myself of how I thought at this time. Maybe, hopefully, I will realize I haven’t changed that much, or if I have, that it will be for the better.


5 thoughts on “Endings.

  1. I understand how you feel about Glee ending. Although television is rotting our minds and the bane of culture and all that stuff that it was predicted to be, television can be fanciful and wonderful and instructive and so on too.

    As humans, we like to tell each other stories, and we like to share stories, and we like to talk about the stories we’ve both been told. Things like television (and books and movies and whatever) allow us to connect with a much broader spectrum of people than we could have if it was all word of mouth.

    (I’m kind of straying from my main point, I’ll try to get back on track.)

    Anyway, the time you spent invested in watching a television show is a part of you, and in your particular case, you were watching Glee at a time when you were transitioning from one phase of your life to another. (I know everyone is doing that all the time, but clearly there are epoch transitions in our lives.)

    I felt very similar about LOST, and it took me some time to get used to the fact that I’d seen all of LOST that I was going to. (LOST haters, we’ll have to agree to disagree… on many things.)

    Anyway, I hope you’re satisfied with the final season of Glee in specific, but in general that you acquire the right toolset of handling when things end in the future (all kinds of things) because that’s what things do. They’ve never been here, They’re here! Then they’re not hear anymore (except maybe in reruns… or in memories, you know.)

    Enjoy things when they’re around.

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  2. Really nice and insightful. I don’t think we can learn the lesson of endings too soon. Sometimes things don’t end so much as fall apart. I’ve experienced that. Marilyn Monroe had a great statement about that: “Sometimes things have to fall apart so they can fall back together better.”


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