Writing: Finding myself again

This was for a free topic assignment I have for my Spanish class. It’s about writing and self discovery. I hope you like it, since I had to translate it all from Spanish! Anyway, feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you.

Not many people truly possess the art of writing, of transmitting emotions through words. Anyone can write a decent essay with effort, but the idea of convincing other people of what you think is not easy. I have never considered myself as a good writer. Nonetheless, I have wanted to get better and to try that other people have a good idea of what I think. Expressing our feelings implies an amazing ability over our vocabulary. A good writer also goes over experiences he or she has, and I sadly haven’t lived much during my eighteen years of life. I am an avid reader, though, and that has imparted me with a great imagination. I used to read a lot in Spanish, but during the past few years I have read more in English and I have lost the ability I had with my main language. I want to have it back, I want to be a better writer and have the necessary sensibility to carry my thoughts and feelings to paper in an effective way.

I want to have more time. Wait a minute, I want to rectify this. I want to use my time in a better way. I hate to know that I procrastinate too much. When I start a job, I distract myself more easily than I would like to admit. Be it with a new book, a series or a movie, I always find myself doing a more interesting thing. Writing can be my way to go back to be the person I was before. A long time ago, I tried to write a novel and I got pretty far, but I gave up. This basically sums up my life. I find an obstacle, I feel like I can’t anymore, and I give up. I truly believe I can do whatever I want. I have potential, I know this, but it is hard for me to use it and exploit it to my convenience and others’.

Writing is a way to achieve freedom and rediscovery. Through it, people can know themselves and get better. That is my purpose right now. To try and see who I really am after all these years, because the image I have of myself is a bit different of what I’m living right now and my current actions. How have I changed? I am not sure yet, but I’m discovering it, bit by bit. My plans are to expand my limits, to search for other topics and to inform myself about what is happening in the world, especially in Latin America. I want to read more in Spanish. I deeply want to find what I have lost, and I know I will make it.

Writing about this is hard for me. You see, I hid myself from everything to achieve acceptance, and I regret that a lot. I lost myself along the way. My mission right now is to find myself again, and these words might just be the way to freedom.


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