Fast lane?

Some of my former classmates are married and have kids. Kids in plural. This is baffling for me, for a lot of reasons. I am still eighteen years old (almost nineteen), and I feel really young. I know I don’t count with the maturity to take care of children just yet. I don’t even know if I like children! (Well, some of them.) I’m barely starting college, for crying out loud! I am becoming more independent day by day, but that doesn’t mean I am ready to marry, have kids and have full responsibility. I need time to think and prepare for what is next. College is helping me with that.

In a couple of years, my former classmates might think I’m taking it too slow. I possibly am, but I have a lot of plans for my future, and they will take several years for me to achieve. I was talking with my mom about them, and I told her: “I don’t have time to read, how will I have time for someone else?”

People know that I’m very wary of giving people some of my reading time. Just imagine if I had to give them my study/research time! That’s a deal breaker for me. We would have to compromise. (I’m like Cristina Yang on that aspect.) Honestly, I need to work on some aspects of my life before welcoming someone else into it. That’s why I cannot afford to be on the fast lane. The “live fast, die young” thing doesn’t work for me. And it never will.

I Will Survive.

You know when all your teachers/professors align everything around a specific week?

evil-teachers_o_186841Well, that’s me right now. I’m right in the middle of the classical example of a college hell week. 🙂

I have been able to survive half of it, but I still have two more exams left! (My hardest ones)

*Starts singing along to this*

I will write a longer post after this week. I promise 🙂


Nat x

So, Why Random Tales Emporium?

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Random Tales Emporium

Hello there everyone,
I decided to dedicate my first post to solving the conundrum of why my blog has this title. Well, to start off, my life is composed of small random moments that make me a whole. Meaning that my life happens in such a unique way that it almost seems perfect but after 18 years of being me, I can tell you, they’re totally random. Does this make sense?

Hence the name. Right now, as I am writing this, sitting at the library, looking around, I wonder, is life totally random or is it synchronize to destiny? Meaning, does everything have a purpose in this life?

Is it starting to get random already? Yeah, I guess. I will be posting consequently every week at least twice. I hope I don’t defraud you guys.

Take care!

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Existential crisis (nah, not really)

I just realized I have reached the point where people start changing their minds about what they will do, or are extremely doubtful of their abilities and what they would excel at. An existential crisis, if you will. (Watch Dan Howell’s videos for further reference). I have honestly been going through that crisis for a while, but I have learned to get through it one step at a time!

Thing is, I am fighting for something. I do not know what exactly, but I know there is something waiting for me. You know that I have been looking for internships. These past few days I also started looking for graduate schools and the prerequisites I will need to achieve in order to get in. I found two pharmacy schools. I discovered I need two classes that were not exactly in my plans, even though one of them -Genetics- is definitely exciting for me. I could write a whole post on how much I love that discipline. I’ve loved it ever since I drew my first Punnett square when I was in sixth grade. When I realized that general Genetics wasn’t on my curriculum for human biology, I was quite disappointed. Having the possibility of taking the class makes me really happy. (Even though one of my past professors gives the class and she’s quite demanding!)

Some of my other choices are based on research. I love research, especially when it comes to Neurophysiology and Genetics. I need to start reading about everything. I will start following science blogs, and possibly reblogging their posts. We can all use more knowledge, you see.


It’s incredible. I’ve had this blog for about a month now and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I haven’t written as much as I would want, but then again, I don’t have as much time as I would want. It’s sad, but true. I need to get used to writing with a time limit.

One of the things I’ve liked the most about having the blog is meeting some amazing people that have already welcomed me into their blogging community. It makes me really happy that they consider me one of them. I still do not consider myself a blogger, since I still have a lot to learn.

At first, I made this blog as an opportunity to procrastinate more than I usually do, but I am taking it more seriously now. Blogging is a serious business and I plan on keeping this for a while.

Science, Books and Silly Things is just getting started!