New sound, same awesome self.

During this week, I have listened to Taylor Swift’s new album (1989), and I realized I loved it. Even if her sound changed, she is still the same, and we all should learn from that lesson. One shouldn’t be afraid to jump to different things, as long as we’re ourselves. It’s amazing what we can do if we get out of our comfort zones.

My favorite songs from the album are Blank Space (a satire about the public’s opinion of her) and I Know Places. She is so comfortable with the pop sound, that it sounds like she was there all along. I guess she already was, but was held back from fear. When she finally let it go, all the amazingness that characterized her came back, and better than ever. Her lyrics are still relatable, fun and emotional. She’s more mature now, and that is why she is still a role model from girls all around the world.

Things are a bit quiet in my life, so I don’t have much to write about just yet. I have a few drafts on my iPad notes and will definitely work on them and post during this weekend.



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