I’ve been thinking a lot about change. How something can turn over 180 degrees with a simple word or a phrase. How an opinion or an impression can change so easily if given the right (or wrong) push. Change is good, humans in general tend to be subject to it, as we’re rational and unpredictable. Again, a kind word can change someone’s day, a wrong word can change someone’s life… Forever.

Change is generally good. I mean, we evolve, we can adapt to certain situations and it’s healthy. I like change, I just don’t like when it’s sudden, and I hadn’t time to prepare for it.

I read Paige Rawl’s book Positive and it made me think about all the ways someone can be affected by our actions, and that’s not okay, especially if we’re not aware of them. Maybe we want to be fun, or popular, but that person’s life can change dramatically if he or she does not know how to deal with that kind of pressure. Then again, knowledge can cause change to happen spontaneously. Maybe a thought can turn into an idea, and then that idea can turn into action (or inaction, who knows?) Seriously. It’s imperative that we become aware of what we do. We can’t run in automatic all our lives. I did it for a while and when I woke up, I realized I had missed a lot in life. Waking up is also taking longer than I realized.

Change is good, but I would like to tell past me to take care of certain things, and to beware of others.


2 thoughts on “Change.

  1. I like your point of being more conscious of our actions. I think our generation is going to have to adapt to becoming more conscious. As it becomes more and more convenient to consume, we need to not forget to create. Or something. It may have been a mistake skipping the coffee this morning. 😉

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    • Consciousness is imperative for us to succeed and to be better people. As you are saying, we cannot stop creating things, or ideas. We must always aspire to be better.
      And well, as for the coffee, skipping it is just plain wrong. 😉

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