Bad day.

How can you overcome a bad day? Maybe reading, watching your favorite show, maybe just talking. I posted something about this almost a week ago. Well, today was kind of a bad one for me. I wanted to cry from frustration and just send everything to hell. I felt like a horrible person. I still think I am, actually. It is just nice to know some people disagree with me. Two of my friends made me feel better with their tweets. I was all warm inside.

I guess this is my point with this really short post. Talk about your feelings. Maybe even write about them. Do NOT lock them inside. Trying to hide your feelings is unhealthy, and will damage your self-esteem and your whole life in the process. Let it go, people.

Don’t let the Muggles bring you down. And with Muggles, I mean your brains and how they can make you overthink about everything. I mean, do not ignore what is happening, that is not healthy either, just assume a position where you might not get hurt. Don’t worry, be happy, and stay strong.


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