Sexual diversity and a shot at happiness

Because no one deserves to be hated for something out of their control, for their essence. 🙂

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I think the title is self explanatory. Let’s start with the basics. Yes, I consider myself liberal in fact I am a member of the Human Rights Campaign and I live to defend those whose basic rights are stolen from them. Women, African Americans, immigrants, Hispanic/Latinos and many others.

Recently, there has been a change in the world for the LGBT community both positive and negative. The negative being homosexuality being penalized in Russia which I think is absurd. But let’s focus on the positive. According to the HRC, in 28 out of the 50 states LGBT couples can now marry legally and rejoice because they now have the same rights.

And I totally get religious conservative Americans. Why? Well conviction. They are passionate about what they feel and believe and they are willing to risk everything for that belief. Now, I am not saying I condone their…

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