First Introductions:

My friend Nesh’s first post…! Read it and welcome her to the blogging world! 😀

Just another biology student, or am I?

Well hello there!

If I could guess, I’d say you are curios of who I am. I am a “38 half year old” female, 2nd year biology student… and I think that is all I am sure about in this life (WOW). But that is the beauty of it all; uncovering the little secrets that one has and discovering the hidden furrows and notches of what makes us. In other, more realistic and less optimistic, words: I live in an “existential crisis”. Don’t we all? I believe so. That being said, I invite you to see parts of my life as I “uncover” & “discover” it. Together we can see my unborn and growing passions, opinions of today’s “working” world, insight of the new trends (do’s and don’t; no judging), and overall experiences in my journey. Who knows? You might actually like me. For now I claim my benefit of…

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