Existential crisis (nah, not really)

I just realized I have reached the point where people start changing their minds about what they will do, or are extremely doubtful of their abilities and what they would excel at. An existential crisis, if you will. (Watch Dan Howell’s videos for further reference). I have honestly been going through that crisis for a while, but I have learned to get through it one step at a time!

Thing is, I am fighting for something. I do not know what exactly, but I know there is something waiting for me. You know that I have been looking for internships. These past few days I also started looking for graduate schools and the prerequisites I will need to achieve in order to get in. I found two pharmacy schools. I discovered I need two classes that were not exactly in my plans, even though one of them -Genetics- is definitely exciting for me. I could write a whole post on how much I love that discipline. I’ve loved it ever since I drew my first Punnett square when I was in sixth grade. When I realized that general Genetics wasn’t on my curriculum for human biology, I was quite disappointed. Having the possibility of taking the class makes me really happy. (Even though one of my past professors gives the class and she’s quite demanding!)

Some of my other choices are based on research. I love research, especially when it comes to Neurophysiology and Genetics. I need to start reading about everything. I will start following science blogs, and possibly reblogging their posts. We can all use more knowledge, you see.


3 thoughts on “Existential crisis (nah, not really)

  1. It’s so thrilling to see someone with so much love for science, especially biology/genetics! And it’s also wonderful to see how much hope and belief you have in your future. Good luck, and I wish you all the best in your upcoming journey 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts~


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