Love: My inexperience in that matter.

One of the things I have thought about the most throughout my life is the fact that I have never truly fallen in love. I mean, I have had crushes, yes, but I realize I am afraid of attaching myself to a person in that magnitude. I definitely wish I could get over that fear, especially as I’m getting older.

I don’t know if I should say this in my blog, but I’ve never been in a relationship. In fact, I’ve never even kissed anyone. I crave that kind of closeness, and I don’t know how to achieve it. People around me are all outgoing, believing in themselves, throwing themselves out there in the best possible way, and yet I’m stuck. I don’t know how to accept myself with all my flaws.

How can I accept someone else?
How can anyone accept me?

These are some of my thoughts, and my main reasons to be afraid.
I certainly wish I can one day fall in love, and realize it was as beautiful as I have always believed. I have read lots of books about love, read about hundreds of people falling in love, out of love and their reasons to do so. Then again, they’re fictional. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, and I want to live it for myself. I think I deserve it.


14 thoughts on “Love: My inexperience in that matter.

  1. If you have family and friends, then you’ve experienced love 🙂 Falling in love weaves a new person into the fabric of the love you already have. Don’t rush anything! (That’s my advice from being OLD and very WISE)


      • Also? The one thing I wish I’d realized when I was younger is how easy it is to say hi to people. It’s is the quickest way to meet someone new. I didn’t realize this until I had a job where I literally said hi to every single person who came into the shop. It can be scary at first, but just force yourself to do it and it becomes very easy and natural. Then you meet all types of people, including some that you might even love.

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      • I hope so 🙂 the other thing I remember from being your age is the older people telling me what to do didn’t know what they were talking about- so thank you for letting me go on like I know what I’m talking about 😸 wanting to find love and feeling the pressure from seeing friends who are already going thru it all is the worst. I feel for you.

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