Do We Live Or Exist?

Sometimes we just got to live…
Life is more than pictures and posts. ^.^


Do we live anymore or do we just exist? Existing to record every opportunity where we could have lived yet chose to simply exist?

That beautiful sunset on holiday when you decided to message your friends about how amazing it all looked whilst you yourself forgot to enjoy its beauty until you glanced up from your phone to see the sun had sunk between the clouds. Opportunity wasted.

That time where you were on the beach but instead of exploring the sensations of the sea you remained cocooned in your digital world and the only thing your fingertips felt was the cold dull glass of your touchscreen box of existence.

Exisiting to record things without any purpose. Is this what we have become? Snaps of this, snaps of that and with a touch of a button strangers all over the world see the sight before us yet they may receive…

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