Social Life.

If by some chance you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my mini-rant about someone from my family telling me I do not have a social life. I say social life is a very relative term.

IMG_3205Maybe she doesn’t know that I have dear friends in college. Maybe she doesn’t know that they are going through the same experiences I am. Maybe she just doesn’t know that the words “social life” are quite a sore topic for me.

Some years ago, I went through a really rough time where I truly believed I had no friends outside my family. No one actually cared, or so I thought. When I got mature enough, I realized that the fact that I’m different doesn’t mean I have to be friendless. That’s where high school and college went in. Maybe I had more of a responsibility, but I met people like me.IMG_3463

My family member likes a certainly different environment. My family is really big and they reunite once in a while. I just don’t have enough time, and they seem to think it’s my choice. Maybe it is, though. Maybe I’m deciding to fight for myself. Life is more than partying. It’s about fighting for your dreams and actually having fun while you are doing it, with people you love around you.


No matter how many classes I take or reunions I miss, I will always have a group of people I will call my friends and family. Isn’t that the true meaning of a social life?






2 thoughts on “Social Life.

  1. People will always speak of what they don’t know. The key is to be yourself and know what you have. I am used to have that crisis where I find myself with no friends or social life, then I realize that life is more than that. Remember that the right people will always stick with you.

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